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Domestic and International Tourism has become a major economic activity in the world and one of the fastest-growing industry which demands a professional outlook. Coupled with online information, the course imparts just the right kind of frame, to fit in a successful career in Travel & Tourism.

With domestic and international tourism picking up, many careers can indeed be made in this sector. We describe some opportunities though many more exist in related areas which employ young people, as “Holiday Consultants”. If you like meeting people, love adventure, and have a pleasing personality, you can look for careers in this fast-growing sector. With the growth of tourist traffic, travel-related services facilitating travel, such as travel agencies, banking, hotels, guide, airlines, and services.

Vision and Mission

Tourism is a basic and most desirable activity deserving the praise and encouragement of all people, all government and all times. It is an industry concerned with attracting people to destination. Tourism is dynamic industry which absorbs thousands of unemployed, educated young men & women. Tourism earns more foreign exchange for India than many other exports. It is the fastest growing industry in the world. Tourism education and training open new doors of knowledge, employment and development. Tourism programme of IPS Academy provide such opportunities its students. 


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IPS Academy School of Travel & Tourism

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