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Core Values

  • IPS Academy believes in building Quality at work place and justifying it in each endeavour. Providing Quality education in all discipline is a prime objective followed by implementing various practices that prove us best in Quality measures.
  • Innovation and Creativity is another objective to be excelled at IPS Academy. We promote Innovation and Creativity at all levels, nurturing the abilities of the students and faculties both.
  • We Promise Satisfaction at all levels including our prime stake holders: students, faculty, staff, employers and community by providing them with state of art facilities, modern pedagogy and learning methods and making them a part of best management practices.
  • We aims to bring up the IPS Academy at Global level striving for academic and professional excellencebeing Ethical in their work practices and Value Driven in theirprofessionalism to meet the expectations of corporate world and society.
  • To craft Socially Responsible managers who are capable of managing change in a competitive environment and be able to meet current and future demands of industry is one of the objectives that Institute fulfils.
  • We foster Competence & Research Oriented Culture in organisation, to promote and Value skills of Faculties and enhance their achievements.
  • Our concern for Individuals, stakeholders, employees and for society as a whole makes us work on the principle of Welfare for all that also helps us grow in our sense of being socially responsible citizens.

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