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Research & Development (R&D) - Director’s Message

IPSA is an academic & research organization that proposes designs for future society through the collaboration of diverse researchers and stakeholders to address the challenges of the modern world. Our aim is to serve as a channel that connects research and society by bringing together intellectuals from various fields to collaborate across disciplines to meet future requirements. By engaging with the government, corporates, and civil society at large, our vision is to create a process in which the proposed choices will realize policy and social change. Addressing various R&D issues, we intend to develop methodologies for societal transitions using the IPSA as a venue. We promote activities that could create exceptional ideas to stimulate the development of basic and applied research in various fields and expected to contribute to the overall development.

All the best to associate with IPSA for R&D activities and career.

Dr Nishant Sirse
Research & Development

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