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■ To develop national and international links with the business organizations to be able to create meaningful relationship & opportunities for the placement of the students in the global job markets.

■ To develop students who are globally employable & ready hands to the industry.


■ To strengthen and enhance Industry – Institute partnership by way of campus connect.

■ To create maximum opportunities for the placements of the eligible students in the job market by establishing a rapport with the industry people.

■ To impart personality development training to the students to face this competitive era.


● Encouraging and helping each student to grow and progress by achieving a clear understanding and acceptance of one’s strength, interest, abilities, weaknesses, skills and values.

● Helping each student to understand the opportunities open to them and the required input for the goal one sets.

● Chalking out and implementing career education programs in relation to the national priorities of manpower requirements in exile and for an independent India.

● Initiating field action programs in all IPS Academy Schools / Institutes / Colleges in exile on a planned basis.

● Developing a full-fledged Career Resource Cell in the Departments.

● Publishing career literature in order to disseminate accurate information of avenues open before them.

● Providing information regarding job opportunities and avenues for desirous graduate & PG students.

● Acting as a catalyst in reducing unemployment

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