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Green Initiative & Research

Water Treatment

  • Ozonated Water
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) processed water
  • A Monthly Quality Control Analysis for drinking water is done, in which the parameters like pH, TS, TDS, TSS, COD, DO, BOD, Alkalinity, Colour and Odour are checked to assess and improve the quality when and wherever required

Green Initiatives

  • Sewage Treatment Plant ( 200Kl)
  • Waste Plastic Recycling Plant
  • Solar Energy (2 Solar Panels of 14KW each)
  • Air Liquefaction Plant
  • Paper Recycling Plant (in process)

Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Raw Material: Waste water of Academy
  • Plant Capacity: 200 x 103 liter/day
  • Process: Aeration
  • Product: Treated Water, which is useful for gardening.
  • Manure from organic waste


  • Raw Material: Polythene waste
  • Temperature: 750oC
  • Run Time : 15-20 minute
  • Product: Free Flowing Granules which can reuse for production as a valuable Goods.

Vegetable Waste  Into Manure

  • Raw Material: Organic waste
  • Temperature and Pressure: Atmospheric
  • Process: With the help of bioculum as catalyst
  • Product: Compost Khad

Gallery Green Initiative

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