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E-Learning Department


We intend to create a national level open university which will run in virtual format.

E-Learning Department

Vision: A platform where one can get any and every possible learning content in the engaging format of video on demand. Audiences may sit anywhere and anytime and access the content at their own grasping and learning pace.

E-Learning Department

Objective: To enhance reach and accessibility of education beyond geography, demography, time zone and policy of organization, state or central.

Technology and Setup

Green Board Studio

Technology and Setup

White Board Studio

Technology and Setup

Chroma studio: Equipped with panoramic green background screen

Technology and Setup

Glass Board Studio: Mounted with Ultra Clear transparent glass

Cloud Server

Netgear ReadyNAS 428

QNAP Server

Video Conferencing Technology

Polycom Group 700 and Group 500

Video Cameras

Sony PXW-Z190 Camera

Sony NX200 Camera

Video Switcher and Mixer

Sony PXW-Z190 Camera

Blackmagicdesign ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K

Blackmagicdesign ATEM Television Studio HD

Event’s Snapshots

Drive link – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zoL41qRizB9YFddOAxiV1u9wy702rdh9?usp=sharing

Lectures/Event’s Video

Profile video with thumbnail - https://youtu.be/YXt1aRkRwT0

IPSA E-Learning YouTube Channel Banner & Link - https://www.youtube.com/c/IPSAELearning

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