IPSA gains autonomy status!

  • Date: 03, Aug 2020

IPS Academy's Institute of Engineering & Science, Indore is now a UGC Autonomous Institute affiliated to RGPV

IPSA is the first self financing engineering institute with autonomous status in Madhya Pradesh!

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There are more than 6000 engineering colleges in India. Only 252 colleges are Autonomous. There are 4 autonomous engineering colleges in MP which includes IPS Academy Institute of Engineering & Science. The remaining 3 colleges are Govt aided engineering colleges.

By autonomous we mean - Freedom is granted to selected institutions like IPSA of high standards and repute to develop the curriculum based on the current industry needs. IPSA will have the benefit of academic freedom to design and structure the curriculum, students get to have better subject and elective choices, employ-ability becomes easier due to upgraded curriculum and project work, examination methods are updated and assessments are faster, internship opportunities are more and the degree certificate is offered by the parent university.

Autonomy gives us the freedom and also the responsibility of :

        Designing our own courses of study and syllabus

          Restructure and redesign the courses to suit local needs

            Student-centric wide choice in courses

              Periodical change in syllabus as per changing needs

                Use modern tools of educational technology

                  Achieve higher standards and greater creativity

                    Research Center

                    In brief (Autonomy) leads to,

                    Academic Excellence, Faster Decisions, More Accountability, Better Infrastructure.

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