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(National Service Scheme/IPSians social responsibility)

Social Responsibility is not just an annual activity calendar or giving some donation, it is much larger that helps in building a sense of responsibility in the young minds towards society.

The main objective of our department is to inculcate the social and moral value, maturity and habit to return to the society not just in terms of funds, but also love, care, respect and gratitude. The idea is to help the volunteers to carry these beliefs and values as they move in life. College life is of paramount importance as it shapes the individual and the citizen. The experience of social work and social responsibility, the habit of giving to the society lays a strong foundation to build a strong inclusive society and nation. It is just like creating a beautiful garden of a social environment by planting a sapling of ethical values. Learning these important aspects through fun, on the job activities, visits, being part of organizing events and connecting closely with the less privileged helps the students to understand the other world of deprived and build a deep sense of attitude to help and support the less fortunate ones.



Rakhi making Workshop and Exhibition

The department of NSS/IPSSR IPSA, organized a 3 day Rakhi making workshop for all the IPSians and Underprivileged children of nearby slum area. During the workshop we taught how to make Rakhis and developed an extra skill in all. Around 500 Rakhis were prepared during the workshop, and all were placed in Exhibition. Amount collected by the sale was used for Gyan Vistar classes and its development.

"Har Ghar TIranga Abhiyan"

IPS Academy participated in "Har ghar Tiranga Abhiyan", and under the same, the department of NSS/IPSSR IPSA has conducted many activities like, Rally, Flag distribution, Orientation about Freedom Fighters, National Anthem singing and many more . We encouraged people to respect Indian Flag and put one at their homes.

Corona and Volunteer Award Ceremony

NSS/IPSSR Department organized a "Corona Warrior and Volunteers Award Ceremony" for all the warriors who provided their services during the lockdown period. We thank all the warriors who, without worrying about their lives, made their invaluable contribution in the interest of the country and society. The transport drive was conducted under the guidance of Ms. Neha Sharma, HOD of NSS/IPSSR Department IPS Academy. Our Corona warriors of IPS Academy, without caring about their lives, handled the situation and social balance in those difficult situations when there was a need for humanity in human beings, be it our drivers, conductor guards or our student volunteers, all at their own level made their valuable contribution to take out the country, society and the world from the critical circumstances. We all also saw the period when all the big industries started shutting down due to the lockdown and probably the biggest migration of mankind. At that time IPS arranged buses as well as driver, conductor and helping staff to help in every possible way, whether it was to transport the passers-by from one place to another or to arrange food, water and medicines, everyone worked shoulder to shoulder.

Movie shows to underprivileged children

IPSians celebrate various festivals with deprived children of our society, to maintain a social bond with them. This time the department NSS/IPSSR planned to show a documentary movie to all such kids. And simultaneously we motivate kids to live a sophisticated lifestyle.

New year celebration with volunteers and Gyan vistar kids

1st January, the beginning of a new year and it brings happiness to everyone. Therefore, we try to celebrate it with our volunteers, underprivileged children and our staff members. On the day, an oath ceremony is conducted with some new resolutions to be followed throughout the year.

Kite festival

The spirit of India is expressed year-round in festivals as diverse as the country's landscapes and as lively as its people. Indians celebrate every festival enthusiastically, likewise we celebrate Makar Sankranti every year. This year it was a grand function at IPSA campus, where around more than 500 people came together and flyed hundreds of kites. The blue sky turned vibrant , and sesame dishes were distributed to everyone. Kids enjoyed this festival and learned about Indian occasions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUHtzkQmRe8

Nukkad Natak

The department of NSS/IPSSR conducts nukkad natak on several topics to raise awareness in society. A nukkad natak was organised at Sanwer local market, to inform villagers about the lethal pandemic COVID-19 and its complications. Villagers received an impactful message and precautions,also they appreciated the hard work of the department. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar82XnqeBQI&t=7s

Republic day celebration

The constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950, since that day we Indians are celebrating the day. On Republic day, all the citizens of our country feel enthusiastic and patriotism spreads in the air. We invited a few children from the nearby slum areas, who are deprived and unfortunate to take admission in schools somehow. Our main motto was to impart the moral and social value amongst those children. They enjoyed the day and learnt about the importance of the day.

Orientation Program

An orientation session was conducted by the department HOD- Ms. Neha Sharma at IPS Academy Sanwer. Sanwer campus consists of students who reside in nearby villages of Sanwer. All the students were encouraged to participate in social activities and aware their native villagers about the importance of girl child education and other social taboos. Students took an oath to carry forward the social campaigns, which will benefit all the villagers and apparently it will uplift the living standard of villagers.

Plantation at IPSA

Plants are the most precious asset to earth, without trees survival is not possible! Therefore, we encourage people to keep our planet green and maintain an ecosystem. Various plantation drives are conducted by the department of NSS/IPSSR, at several places. First to create a benchmark we plant saplings in IPSA campus every year to maintain greenery, and it simultaneously provides shelter to sparrows.

Women Empowerment

Tailoring training organized by IPS Academy to make women self-reliant IPS Academy is always ready for the interest of its class IV employees. This time the academy started tailoring training in collaboration with Jan Shikshan Sansthan to make women self-reliant. The main objective of this training is to make women skilled in sewing and sewing related work. With the help of training, any woman will move towards self-reliance. Sewing-weaving is such an art, through which any woman can earn money sitting at home and can provide good education and facilities to her children. For training, the NSS/IPSSR department selected 20 women who are financially unable, but are ready to contribute courageously for their families even in difficult circumstances. Many of these women want to learn sewing for the bright future of their children, and dream of opening their own boutique. Any woman can take this training, and its interval is of five months, in which training is given by the trainer. At the time of training, 20 women are trained in a batch. The minimum age of sewing training is 15 years and maximum 45 years, educational qualification is illiterate, neo-literate, rudimentary, 8th and 12th dropout women can also join. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SqiU_s__64&t=896s

Kill the Taboo

NSS / IPSSR Department of IPS Academy has been running a Menstrual Hygiene Campaign for the last many years. This time this program was organized at Vijayaraje Girls Higher School located in Ujjain, in which the head of NSS/IPSSR Department Ms. Neha Sharma made girls of the schools aware about menstrual hygiene. The whole programs was organized under the guidance of Principal Mr. Sanat Vyas. The main purpose of which was to end the taboos of periods. Menstruation is usually known as Periods, Menses, Monthly and Masik Dharm in Hindi. In various regions it is known differently by the natives. Generally, periods is a subject where maximum people hesitate to talk about. We live in a society where this subject is prohibited and treated as a stigma! So the question arises, is it too tedious to eradicate this taboo ? We believe we collectively can make a society where women can live normally during menstruation. Therefore, we run a menstrual hygiene campaign and encourage young girls to talk about periods freely and also take care of proper hygiene. https://www.aninews.in/news/business/business/ips-academy-organized-a-menstrual-hygiene-campaign-for-women-safety20220422183307/ https://youtu.be/igEgGWKfeKI

Gender sensitivity- Orientation

NSS/IPSSR Department organized an orientation by Head constable Sanjay Rathore. The session was organized in order to have a better understanding of the concepts of equality and non-discrimination, the two fundamental aspects of our constitution, there is a need to understand the basic concepts like difference between sex and gender, gender roles, gender stereotypes, gender division of labour, gender discrimination, gender based violence, masculinity, patriarchy, gender equality and so on. We aim at sensitizing adolescent girls and boys towards existing gender inequalities. With understanding comes ability to bring about attitudinal changes towards Gender based violence. IPSA President Ar. Achal Choudhary also motivates our children to treat everyone equally and adopt a good lifestyle. Department head Ms. Neha Sharma is concerned for gender equality, she suggests we must remove the discrimination from our society and treat girls and boys equally. Therefore, we must inculcate these positive thoughts in our children when they start going to the schools. Gyan Vistar- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVcpt2eRZpQ&t=69s JSS- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SqiU_s__64 gandhi jayanti - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5dO6W_LMJU


Orientation Program

An orientation session was conducted by the department HOD- Ms. Neha Sharma at IPS Academy Sanwer. Sanwer campus consists of students who reside in nearby villages of Sanwer. All the students were encouraged to participate in social activities and aware their native villagers about the importance of girl child education and other social taboos. Students took an oath to carry forward the social campaigns, which will benefit all the villagers and apparently it will uplift the living standard of villagers.


Plantation at IPSA

Plants are the most precious asset to earth, without trees survival is not possible! Therefore, we encourage people to keep our planet green and maintain an ecosystem. Various plantation drives are conducted by the department of NSS/IPSSR, at several places. First to create a benchmark we plant saplings in IPSA campus every year to maintain greenery, and it simultaneously provides shelter to sparrows.


Gandhi Jayanti 2021

Every year the department of NSS/IPSSR IPS Academy, celebrates Gandhi Jayanti in a very unique manner. Various activities are being organized for IPSians, for instance, poster making, blog/essay writing, debate competition, singing of the most endearing song 'Raghupati raghav rajaram' and a puppet show. The main attraction of this year's celebration was the Puppet show. The show was played by the team of Creative puppet show theater (Trust) Varanasi. Founder Mr. Mithilesh Dubey and his team, represented the whole life journey of Mahatma Gandhi in such a beautiful manner, that all the audience was mesmerized. Faculty members along with students enjoyed the show. HOD Mrs. Neha Sharma concludes one thing after watching the show that life is all about balance. We actually require an accurate balance in our life, like the puppets have. And everything is about perfect timing and balance. We really need to learn many things from Mahatma Gandhi and his moral values.

Services provided during lockdown 2020-21-

The recent pandemic has disturbed almost every system in the world. An uncertain situation was created, that made many people to migrate, many people to strive for hunger and many stray animals suffered drastically. Despite all such criteria, IPS Academy’s NSS/IPSSR Department never gave up. Our wing has made continuous efforts to help in the best possible ways. Buses along with volunteers and staff were being provided to the government, especially for people who were migrating rapidly. Each day almost thousands of food packages were distributed to people. PPE Kits, face masks, senitizers, hand gloves, cash and other household items were donated by the academy. During the lockdown period our volunteers at different places of the country, were also putting efforts to stay strong and help the community.

Tribal Rights Awareness-

India is a diverse country, where numerous tribes reside across the country. Tribal people have legal rights and policies which are formed by the government to prevent their generations. To make aware of all such facilities, an online webinar was conducted by our department NSS/IPSSR, in collaboration with Tribal Rights Forum. It was a fruitful session of students of Jhabua, who belong from a tribal belt of the state. Students learnt about many new things which were in favour of the community. We continuously organize such activities, which inculcate beneficial knowledge to our students.

World day of fight against sexual exploitation-

March 4 is observed as World Day of Fight Against Sexual Exploitation every year, to create awareness against sexual exploitation, which overwhelmingly involves women and children. To aware students about the same, an online session was conducted by HOD- Neha Sharma, where the guest speaker Dr. Vasudeo Paralikar, has explained various ways to prevent the above situation.

“Aao jaane Mahatma ko”, Gandhi Jayanti 2020

An online webinar was organized to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti 2020, along with different other activities. On this occasion, our chief guest was Mr. Sudhir Bhai Ji Goyal. He is the founder of Sewadham Ashram Ujjain. It was an interactive session with Bhai ji, where he oriented many inspiring incidents of the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Our volunteers were very excited to hear from him, as he is the role model of our volunteers in many ways. President Mr. Achal K Choudhary also attended the session and had direct conversations with Bhai ji and students. Every year we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti with a new concept.

Protecting Habitats at IPSA-

Life without water is infeasible on any planet. No creature on earth can survive without water. Therefore, we at IPSA try to make available water for all the birds and animals, who are residing in the campus. Water arrangement is usually done before the summer strikes. For that we hang earthen pots at various places. It's always mesmerising to hear the chirruping of several birds, and see them roaming around the pots to satisfy their thirst.

Volunteering at social events-

IPSians always try to contribute their services to society. Apparently, we at IPS Academy allow our students to cooperate with external agencies, namely, NGOs, government sectors or any organisation which is working to uplift many people. Our volunteers have provided their services to the event “Atrang”, it was an event organized by an organization, for special children. Volunteers managed the event in a successful way.

Festivals with slum kids-

Sometimes it's better to spread and share happiness on special occasions. Therefore, our volunteers are motivated to celebrate festivals with kids who belong from slum areas. Kite festival, Basant panchali, Holi and Diwali are the main festivals, when we invite these kids to IPSA and distribute gifts amongst them. Moreover, we often conduct few activities and sports, by which all members make a special bond of understanding and exchange knowledge.

Project Sewadham-

Sewadham ashram is situated near Badnagar in Ankitgram District Ujjain. The ashram is providing shelter to more than 650 people, who are neglected by society. Volunteers are taken on a regular tour to the ashram, so that they can see the world of deprived people. Many volunteers are inspired by the atmosphere, and have future plans to do something extraordinary for society. Our main aim is to connect privileged volunteers with the special and deprived children.

Orientation- Menstrual hygiene and awareness-

Menstruation cycle is a natural process, although many societies have considered it as a taboo. People often try to avoid any conversation about it. Infact, there are several myths in our society regarding the same. Despite all such barriers, we IPSians are raising awareness campaigns to kill the taboo. Our volunteers visit many rural areas, and talk with girls and women about the challenges they face during their periods, and how people react to it. We have commenced a research project regarding the same, and now imparting fruitful information to numerous females.

Collaboration with Robin hood army-

IPS Academy has sponsored food for 500 underprivileged kids, in collaboration with Robinhood army. This drive was conducted for the auspicious occasion of “Independence Day”. IPSA volunteers had a conversation with kids and tried to understand their basic problems. NSS/IPSSR Department is continuously making steps forward to eradicate severe issues of society. All this work was done under the supervision of HOD Neha Sharma.

Furniture Distribution to Government school

IPSSR/NSS Department of the academy has donated furniture to a Government school located near the campus. Our objective behind this donation is, If the government school students get such facilities that are in the private school then they too can move forward without any obstacle. Slowly we are going to adopt the school and help them in the upliftment of the students. It is the duty of every private institution to cooperate with the government organizations around it, the government helps us in many ways, so why not help their organizations. In government schools we can see that there are also N number of talented students, if private institutes come forward to help, they can make their career and become the face of society. We are working for the upliftment of society, our small efforts are bringing changes in the lives of such students.


Nukkad Natak

A Nukkad Natak was organized in a village nearby Sanwer by IPSSR/NSS Department of IPS Academy on the occasion of World Day of Social Justice. In which it was told that at a young age, the studies of a girl are rescued and the burden of household chores is put on her. The main purpose of the Nukkad was to remove inequality, we support social inequalities, but people face gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability when we try to remove those barriers. Even today, gender inequality is seen in many places which has an impact on the progress of the country. Inequalities in our country are weakening social cohesion. It is time to reduce inequalities globally. Along with this, the girls of Saraswati school were informed about the “Kill the Taboo” campaign related to menstruation.


Project Niswarth

Niswarth means “Selfless” – a moment of selflessness in a life full of selfishness. Goods that are not in use in the homes were collected by volunteers and distribution of these items in old age, helpless, disabled, disabled people ashrams and slums were being done. For social work, we go to many places where the status of people is very pathetic, they are spending their lives in absence and there are many items in our house which are of no use but by collecting them At the end of the year, we decide which item is useful and which is unusable because your useless things can become useful to someone.


Birthday celebration with Visually Impaired kids

IPSSR/NSS department celebrates 12th December, the Birthday of our Honorable President Ar. Achal Choudhary. We celebrated the Birthday with Visually Impaired Children. The theme of the program was “Man ki Ankho se”. The main motto to invite these children was to connect Ipsian with them and feel the inner beauty and see the world through the eyes of our hearts. Cake cutting ceremony was done with all the children. All the children enjoyed the program and some of them sang a song in joy and danced too. We wish all the best to all these children for their future.


Group discussion competition

IPSSR/NSS department has organized Inter college group discussion competition, on the topic Role of Youth in Nation Building. Under which students from different colleges participated and discussed the nation whose youth has the pride of the past on its forehead, worries about the present and dreams of the future in the eyes, the nation definitely progresses. India is a country of youth, the need is just to give them the right direction. Students of other colleges of the city also expressed their views in this discussion and pledged to cooperate with the whole heart in the development of the nation. The first place in the competition was won by Maharaja Ranjit Singh College, second place was won by IPS Academy ISLE Department and third place was by St. Paul College students. The contestants were guided by Dr. Rushina Natu as the judge.


Children's Day Celebration

Children’s Day is celebrated in India to increase awareness of the rights, care, and education of children. It is held on 14 November every year as a tribute to India’s First Prime Minister, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, fondly known as ‘Chacha Nehru’ among children, he advocated for children to have fulfilled education. This year we celebrated Children’s day with villagers and oriented students about, good touch-bad touch, some basic Rights, Menstrual Hygiene (for girls), Non- violence, the importance of education, etc. to spread awareness.


Gyan Vistaar

Gyan Vistar is a project under which IPS students provide coaching classes for free to the children of the nearby neighborhoods and the employees of the staff who cannot go to private tuition, this project does not only provide subject classes but also Common classes such as English, Mathematics, Dance, Drawing, and Life Sciences will also be set up. Under project Gyan Vistaar we are planning to open a Book Bank where some books for children will be kept. There is a lot of talent among the children of the township, we just need to provide them a platform. Similarly, many children are very good at reading, but due to many adverse circumstances like financial tightness, lack of information, etc., they are unable to progress further. It is our endeavor to become a foundation and shape the future of these children. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVcpt2eRZpQ&t=69s


Project Ambhas

Ambhas is a Sanskrit word for ‘Water’. Ambhas is an initiative by IPSSR/NSS department under which we run campaigns for Water conservation. Nowadays the water crisis is a big problem in society. Without water, none of the society can progress. There is an N number of examples in this world where due to lack of water, the whole society has migrated. Thus, for our community, we have to run such campaigns to spread awareness about water harvesting, water conservation, and to increase the level of groundwater. Project Ambhas was launched with My FM and its team and all the Ipsians have participated in the event. The main purpose behind including My FM was to announce in the city about the initiative we have taken and spread the message of water conservation and related issues.



IPSSR / NSS, IPS Academy, under the Silver Jubilee Year, organized Project Muskan, celebrating the Deepavali Festival with special children. Special children were invited to celebrate the festival. All those innocent children who are not capable physically or whose financial condition is not right, why should they be deprived of this festival. Our effort is that we could spend a few moments of happiness with these children. God has made us capable, so why not take a few moments out for them.


Open Mic Session

On 15 October 2019, an Open mic session was organized by IPSSR/NSS, IPS Academy. In which the students demonstrated their art in front of elderly people invited from old age homes, and entertained them and made them feel familiar. The theme of Open Mic was global warming and water conservation. The students gave the impression of reciting poetry, magic, old songs and how the legacy given by the elderly is unable to sustain this nature. The elderly present in the program felt joy and forgetting all their sorrows and also sang songs and danced in joy. This program gives a message of how the huge and rich roots of this society that is, our elders is an important part of our life. Department Head Neha Sharma believes that we do not have to go to the temples, our elders are messengers of God, they bless us and gave this beautiful environment to us, just not pollute it.


150th Birth Anniversary celebration of Mahatma Gandhi

2nd October is marked as the Birth Anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. On this occasion, IPSSR, IPSA has conducted several activities like Awareness Rally, Poem reciting, Poster making, Blog writing, Essay writing, Singing of the song, Oath taking. The purpose behind the celebration of Gandhi Jayanti is to recall all the great movements Gandhi Ji has started, and spread non-violence and peace in society. Gandhi has started a clean India mission and we can see the effects in present India. This day is also known as World Peace Day.


Green campus

IPSSR, IPSA has conducted a green campus drive under which students have planted Peepal plants. The main objective behind this drive is to make the IPSA campus more beautiful and eco-friendly. Every student has planted a sapling on campus, after a few years when they look back they will feel proud and happy. Because a single tree plays so many roles like it provides Oxygen, maintains the level of groundwater, provides shelter to many people and animals too. A green campus well-planned and well- managed, is more resilient, sustainable in terms of livelihood improvement. Increasing pollution decreases the availability of natural resources and also increases the frequency of climate changes. Urbanization is an invitation to a drastic change in the environment. Growing large trees on campus will help it be more sustainable in terms of environment. Trees help in reducing carbon emissions by helping to conserve energy. Correct placement of trees around the campus can reduce the need for air conditioning by 30 percent also it will reduce the chances of winter heating bills.


NSS Day Celebration

On 24/09/2019, National Service Scheme Establishment Day was celebrated by IPS Academy and its volunteers. In which volunteers participated in various activities. This program was conducted entirely by the students themselves. On this day Blood Donation Camp was organized under which more than 100 Blood Units were donated by the students and staff. The students attended the speech and expressed their views about peace and freedom. Each student had their own opinion.


Ozone Day Depletion, 16th September 2019

IPSSR/IPSA has celebrated International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer on 16 September 2019. Students got to know about this day and also we showed a documentary. December 19, 2000, the United Nations General Assembly designated the day in remembrance of the date in 1987 when nations signed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. The ozone layer, a delicate layer of gas, shields the Earth from the harmful rays of the sun. Students got to know about their depletion and prevention. 20 Minutes documentary was shown to students and then Quiz was organized. Students enjoyed this day and learned some new things.


Seed Bomb-making Workshop

On the occasion of Ganesh Visarjan IPSSR, IPSA organized a workshop under which students were taught to make seed bombs. The workshop started with Eco-Friendly Ganesh Visarjan, Ganesha idols were also made by the students on 30 August 2019. Basically Seed bombs are little nuggets of clay, compost, and native seeds that you throw at the ground. Seed bombs are an easy and sustainable way to cultivate plants in a way that provides a larger window of time when the sowing can occur. They also are a convenient dispersal mechanism for guerrilla gardeners and people with achy backs.


Workshop on Eco-Friendly Ganesha

Eco friendly Ganesha Idol making workshop was conducted by IPSSR, IPSA, on 30 August 2019. Many students and faculties (various departments) participated in the workshop. Seeds were inserted in idols. According to Neha Sharma, CSR Officer- The idea behind was to get a ready sapling once the festival is over and the idol is immersed. It served a dual purpose in environment protection Eco friendly Ganesha doesn’t use chemical, clay is recycled, seeds are planted, river remains clean and the earth will be greener.

Plantation at Janapav Hills and Krapalay Old Age home

Plantation drive was conducted by IPSSR with SOC volunteers. This drive was conducted at Janapav Hills and Krapalay Old Age home Mhow, under which volunteers planted saplings of Paras Peepal. Under the guidance of Neha Shrama CSR Officer, volunteers actively participated and came closer to the nature. IPSA volunteers enjoyed doing this social cause and learnt some new facts about Jungle and old age home.


Sadbhavna Diwas

Every year on 20 August, the birth anniversary of our late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is celebrated as Sadbhavana Day. Paying tribute to his memory and legacy, close family members and all concerned departments pay floral tributes and garlands at the Veer Bhumi where he was cremated. In English, ‘Sadbhavna’ means harmony and real. Shri Rajiv Gandhi, as the youngest Prime Minister of the country, tried to promote communal harmony, peace and national integrity within India and was known as the Goodwill Ambassador of the world. Being young, his thought process was modern and he dreamed of a developed nation through many national and international projects.

By the Students, For the Students, From the Students.

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