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About the Institute

Institute  of library and information science in ips academy provide vast opportunities to prepare for a significant and challenging career in library and information science  as professionals of the 21st century student not only gain knowledge in handling print information but  ,they becoming  information officer in the current digital era.


Enquire for the admission

·         Junior Librarian/Professional Assistant
  • ·         Assistant Librarian
  • ·         Deputy Librarian
  • ·         Librarian/Chief Librarian
  • ·         Application Specialist
  • ·         Consultant/Reference Librarian
  • ·         Record Manager
  • ·         Director/Head Information Center
  • ·         Senior Library Information Assistant  college and Universities·         
  • ·         Central Government Libraries
    • ·         Training Centers of Banks

    IPS Academy Department of Library Science

    Achievements of the Institute

    • Detail of Last Three Years Workshop and Seminar Details. 
    •           Organized  the on Line Workshop of Koha Conduct by the  IPS Academy Indore Collaborate with IIT Bombay. It was organized by IIT Bombay.in the year 
    • ·         Organized the Women Teaching Staff Meet  In IPS Academy Organized by IPS Academy, Indore.
    • ·         Organized the one day workshop prepare the NET Exam .


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    Sapna Jojare

    E mail: hod.ils@ipsacademy.org

    Mobile 9977042814

    Phone:0731 -4014517

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