“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” ? Leonardo da Vinci

  • 05Apr,2020


    “Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.”

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Schools have the great ability to transform generations of young people into responsible adults who are ready to face life. The idea of schooling was to permeate this essence together along with the other set of values and skills.

    Examining the teacher’s impact on students, researchers have found that teaching is a long-drawn process and sometimes the efforts might not culminate into something that the teacher was intending to pursue. However, the researches have also led to great clarity of how even the smallest acts impact the students deeply. If we were to dismiss teachers’s roles today as opposed to past as not being very constructively developmental – we are wrong. A word of encouragement here, a sound guidance there – students have always taken it up deep in their psyche without realising.  If you are still unable to believe, then take the example of school memories.

    Most students’ memories of school involve the significant aspect of a teacher that has impacted them (positively or negatively). If this isn’t the cue then what else? Furthermore to the responses, students have given priority to respect and individualism in their memories. Teachers who respected them despite the situation or differences and who accepted them as they are – were remembered more.

    The respondents were adults when they were researched and asked questions; surfacing the fact that teacher impact is:

    • Lifelong. A teacher’s influence is there even today. It never stops. Just because the present generation is into technology, AI and robots doesn’t mean that they don’t have the consciousness to understand the impact of a teacher in their lives
    • Esteem induced. A teacher who has accepted students as they are and has never judged them because of their learning differences and levels has been able to get more impactful outcomes in building student’s self-esteem. A family in most cases, will have a more favourable attitude towards the child. The friends and peers in school are of their age. It’s their need to get approved from teachers with whom they are spending the most time with are closest to adults outside of their family. Naturally, they lean a lot on their feedback, approval, behavior and other social aspects.

    So the sum total of teaching-learning years cannot be ignored. The impact of teachers in a student’s life, the indelible imprint of memories that are left, the respect gathered from teachers and significant others, all brings out the pivotal part school plays in ensuring that there is lifelong impact of teachers and that the self-esteem and development of the students is built slowly and gradually over a period of time.

    [Having completed 25 years of educating generations and connecting lives, IPS Academy examines its journey and brings out newer ways of ensuring that IPSA conducts itself forward with the needs of tomorrow by learning from today. Learning is lifelong and we all are forever into it. ]

    05,Apr 2020

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