What's your Career Roadmap?

The career roadmap acts as a guide for people in realizing their career pathway and progression in it. It is a sum total of your talents, interests, personality characteristics and goals.

  • 12May,2020

    What's your Career Roadmap?

    The career road-map acts as a guide for people in realizing their career pathway and progression in it. It is a sum total of your talents, interests, personality characteristics and goals.

    Here are the steps to get your career road-map ready:

    1. Nail it down! What are your interests? Academically, what subjects do you score well? Do you think the subject and interest point towards a particular field? If yes, do your personality characteristics match? Be it humanities, science or commerce - every person must factor in their own strengths and weaknesses to get the right start.

    2. Think of the Job: If you have chosen the field by now, think of the job prospects in it. It may be that you might take up a job but become a businessman. Even if it is so, it is essential to understand the job components. Study the job descriptions, ask people around you who are having jobs in that sector. Ask you faculty members to help you understand more areas of the field of choice.

    3. Learn how things work: IPS Academy boasts of more than 18 branches/fields of study with schools/institutes established for each within the campus. Students can visit and find out for themselves where they would like to see themselves. Counseling sessions and mentoring is also provided to the students for the same. They can solicit the advice of the faculties also in the various electives/subject choices.

    4. Industry Visits and Placements: IPS Academy offers excellent placements in various fields. The students can connect to the placement offices to get the latest and updated information about the job market and its conditions. Certain degree courses like that of Engineering provide industry visits too. This gives the students a chance to understand the world of work.

    5. Internship Opportunities: The students can also pursue internships provided through campus placements or directly with local/regional or national companies. The internship gives them the advantage of testing their skills and getting tuned into the profession of their choice. Students of IT, Mass Communication and Journalism, Library Sciences, Computer Applications, Medical, etc. can pursue an active internship while pursuing their degree.

    6. Job Preparation, Training and Preparation for  Work: Training programs and short-term courses provide the students ample ways to gain insight into the industry of their interest. Group Discussion and Personality Preparation is provided by placement center of IPS Academy. This gives the students the preparedness for job interviews and performance in placements. This also gets their communicative confidence high.

    7. Make a Plan: Got the job placement? Next step is to make a professional and personal plan. Chart out your professional milestones and write down how you will tackle it. List the tools or methods by which you will attain the milestones. Personally, what you would need along the way? Solicit support of friends and family for this. Keep someone as your guide or mentor throughout this stage.

    8. Review the Plan: Every year review your professional and personal goals and check out your plan. It could change or it could remain the same. Check your milestones and see what you could achieve and what you couldn’t. Analyse why you could not achieve a particular milestone. Depending on the situation you are facing, you can do the needful analysis and move ahead.

    If you follow these steps your career road-map will be well laid out for you to achieve success in a much better and satisfying way. After all, who doesn’t want to progress in life? We all do. So get set with your career road-map, now that you have time to think about it in this Covid-19 situation and move ahead!

    12,May 2020

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