Future is Now!

Great minds think of the future and the future is made from today's education. It may sound ironic but it is the greatest thing education does - it empowers for tomorrow.

  • 28Apr,2020

    Future is Now!

    In our past blog “The Thought of Future” we had a talk about technology, mobilization, artificial intelligence and learning. With the lockdown scenario, now is the time to create your future!

    Here’s how:

    1. While technology is a blessing, it also has its limitations. Factoring the limitations into consideration, we can do more by innovative ways to reach out to people who do not have access to technology. Villages have power cuts. Internet problems are real and not accessible everywhere. Noting all these gaps can help IT students come up with ideas to bring about a change. If you are computer applications under-graduate you get to tinker on such ideas in the times of this pandemic.

    2. Think Local and also Global. You think technology and internet problems are only in developing countries like India? Digest this fact: Seattle is HQ to Amazon and Microsoft. Yet a county around 200 kms from Seattle has no broadband width there! And we talk about India and despair!

    3. Education needs a paradigm shift. TechEdu startups will be booming during and post  COVID-19 situation. Educators will have to rethink how they teach and even learners have to get tuned to the use of technology to learn and not get entertained.

    4. Essential services will see a surge of attention. Be it healthcare, sanitation, food, hygiene and mental health. e-Commerce sites will be more sought after than before.

    5. Futuristic health and disease management focus will get a priority response. If you’re pursuing a career in medical sciences, biology and biotechnology will gain more impetus in learning and training.

    6. A skill-based focus on job allotment will be on rise. If you are trained, skilled and ready then your employment shall see better prospects.

    7. The economy is at its shaky best these days. This doesn’t mean nothing is possible. Great companies have risen out of world war times and the Great Depressions. The trying circumstances can actually provoke better ideas and harder ways to survive.

    8. Lockdown period is the time to centralize your energies in make do with limited resources. This gives one inventive ways to tackle situations. In India this is called ‘Jugaad Innovation’.

    9. Be in touch with your college faculty members or experts. Throw in your ideas and take their guidance to come up with solutions to the problems the society/local community faces. This gives you opportunity to learn and also earn/contribute to development.

    10. Engage in internship opportunities through distance/online methods. Get some skills on learning about the companies/startups and gain confidence in your own practical knowledge level.

    If these points can’t motivate you to create your future now...nothing else can. And remember! Opportunities don’t come again and again. Make the best of the situation and stay safe yet learn!

    28,Apr 2020

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