The Voice of Education : Opinions that matter

The Voice of Education : Opinions that matter

Since inception, humans as a species have always starved to gain more and more knowledge everyday. We have been trying to educate our minds and find out unexplored territories in order to have a better understanding of the world around us.Then our perspectives changed and we evolved to the point of applying scientific theories to practical applications. This also led us to have our opinions on matters that involved critical thinking. We started voicing our beliefs & values and started understanding the importance of discussion. This voice was the one of education that we gained over the years through sheer observation and changes in our surroundings.

Today, having an opinion is a fad. Everyone you meet has an opinion on something. yet, most of them are stupid statements or plain old facts that do nothing to change the perspective of this world. Education is what these opinions lack and do not form a base for any argument. We at IPS academy make sure that every student has the right to have an educated opinion. We provide them the best in class facilities so that they can weigh facts against assumptions.

Students must be encouraged to question the conventional beliefs which forms the basis of having an educated opinion. They shout be taught to voice their views and see whether they can get any result out of their opinions. We believe in sharpening the student’s mind so that they have opinions that matter. Assumption based views are more harmful to the society than anything else. When educated views are discussed among people, it gives birth to innovative thinking.

With the widespread use of social media, the voice of the educated is now reaching the masses. If fundamental changes are to be brought in conventional wisdom, having an educated opinion on the existing norms is a necessity. We at IPS academy train our students to carefully evaluate the pros and cons while speaking their view out to the world. We encourage them to be fearless while voicing their thoughts to the world and be brave enough to accept when they are wrong. Education is the key ingredient in taking decisions that change the direction of how this world works. It is the core of every activity and has the capability to create leaders that manage the world.

At IPS academy it is seen that the students don’t follow the path of stupidity and raise their voices when they find something wrong. We just don’t motivate them to have opinions, we push them harder to critically analyze before speaking. A wise man once said it right, “Right to opinion does not make an opinion right.”

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