Welcome to LIBRARY , IPSA

The Library is one of the state-of-the art College libraries in the Indore. The Library is instrumental in impacting large number of researchers, educators serving in and out of the College. Rich with qualitative collection serving around six thousand users. The library is fully automated with all modern Library functionalities.

The Library has collection of more than 100000 books, 279 e-books from Britannica online, 239 e books from Pearson, 108 subscription of journals and magazines, 48 newspapers, Delnet and N-List membership, 2770 CDs and 1589 Bound Volumes.

Library has an open access system. The books are arranged Subject wise Further arrangement of books sub subject wise and further classified arrangement facilitate the access of books without any delay. The Dewey Decimal Classification System is used for classifying the books.

The catalog of the library is available online known as online public access catalog (OPAC). Three access points are available for the library user within the library. Also users can access educational video CDs in library.