Integrating traditional teaching with modern methods of education

Integrating traditional teaching with modern methods of education

Education has been modernized to the extent where much learning of a student takes place outside the classroom. These modern methods are setting new milestones for the education system. As the students become more open-minded and information seekers, they are engaged in learning skills taught beyond the curriculum of their institute. More and more students are now engaged in creative writing, digital marketing, basic coding and other courses that can enhance their career path ahead.

We at IPS academy aim to integrate these modern methods with the pre-existing teachings. Our faculties motivate the students to increase their knowledge level by teaching them the basics. Traditional teaching can never be neglected as the origins form the fundamental on which the modern education stands firmly today. E-classrooms are designed keeping in mind that the students who aren’t comfortable with the screen clearly understand what is being taught in the classroom.

A book is a person’s best friend. It develops the intellect of anyone who reads them and provides them information from authentic sources. E-books are increasingly growing with each day as students understand the wide variety of options of information available on the internet at a lower cost. We encourage to make notes from the information that our students consume in order to draw their own conclusions from they are reading. Teaching methods have seen drastic changes in recent times and they are constantly being upgraded to newer levels. Online courses are available for the students providing them access to material of the top teachers across the world.

Global teaching has come into view with the advent and upgrades in internet and technology. Students are now connected to teachers from all over the globe and have access to information from the best libraries in the world. This has broadened the perspective of the students and made them wiser about how to understand the difference between the right and the wrong decision. We also promote as much exposure as a student can get by introducing them to newer information everyday and giving them access to their own minds.

We’ve come a long way and we’ve still got a long road ahead of us. Learning goes beyond the horizon of classroom teaching now and expands to industry visit and understanding the consumer by stepping into the actual market place. Integration of traditional teaching with modern methods has allowed looking at the world from a wider perspective. Today, information is the key to open our minds and this information needs to be properly applied which is the forte of traditional teaching.

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