Why should we integrate knowledge with wisdom to prepare children for a better tomorrow?

Why should we integrate knowledge with wisdom to prepare children for a better tomorrow?

If you ask someone the difference between knowledge and wisdom, you’d probably noticed that majority of them fail to provide a clear distinction between the two. Many people tend to mistake knowledge for wisdom and we would say that this is quite unfortunate because they are both very different in reality. Knowledge is the collection of facts, data and information. On the other hand, wisdom is the reflection of experiences and knowledge into developing one’s insights that deepens one’s understanding of life and relationships. Put it simply, one can say that knowledge is a tool and wisdom is the knack of using this tool.

Why is it important to integrate knowledge and wisdom while teaching?

With the advent of Internet, it has become comparatively much easier for anyone to acquire knowledge in any field of their choosing. At the same time, there are lots of books on almost any concept under the sun and if one wants to acquire knowledge he or she can! In this Era, we are literally awash in an ocean of information. Having knowledge would not do any good if one does not know how to use this knowledge and for what purpose.

The best analogy here could be having a hammer is not more important than knowing how to use it! Hammer is nothing but a tool which is amoral. Using the hammer for the purpose of good or bad life in the hands of the carpenter. On the similar lines, accumulation of knowledge is one thing and knowing how to apply this knowledge is another. It requires wisdom to know how to apply knowledge and for what purpose. There have been enough cases in history where extremely knowledgeable people have used their knowledge for destruction of the world! Thus, what schools must understand is that imparting knowledge is just not sufficient. Imparting wisdom is a more important and an elaborative step!
Alfred Lord Tennyson once said, ‘Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers!’ The integration of knowledge and wisdom has to begin from the early years of a child. The combination of wisdom and knowledge is what the world requires for creating a better tomorrow! At IPS Academy, our teachers and professors are trained to integrate wisdom with knowledge. We don’t stop at teaching How things are done, but we also teach Why things are to be done and for what purpose should they be applied! Providing answers to how and stopping there is quiet dangerous! It’s like passing on incredible knowledge but failing to impart why and where one needs to apply it. Teaching how to use a weapon but failing to teach when to use it can prove fatal to the society! Because failing to infuse wisdom with knowledge will create knowledgeable and smart children who have no direction of where to use it and paves way for destruction of the world. Infusing wisdom with knowledge makes children feel a strong compulsion to obey one’s own belief systems!

To sum it up, bare knowledge is amoral! Knowledge becomes moral and more meaningful only when
wisdom is also passed on alongside with knowledge!

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