How curriculum and instruction with concept based learning must go hand in hand for college students?

How curriculum and instruction with concept based learning must go hand in hand for college students?

The curriculum set by various universities for different courses is something that does not change as the
dynamic world changes. We’re all aware of the fact that what’s included in the curriculum of college
studies is the basic fundamentals that a student needs to know. It takes quite a long time for universities
to include changes to the curriculum. So, here comes the challenge! How can the college professors
ensure that students are equipped with enough knowledge which must enable them clear their
examinations while also making them ready to enter the dynamic corporate world?

Does the solution lie in having a shift to more practical and more dynamic concepts ignoring the
syllabus included in the curriculum? The answer is No. Because, learning what’s included in the
curriculum is very important to get the basic fundamentals right and to clear the examinations. So, does
that mean professors must solely focus on teaching the curriculum? The answer remains No. Because,
once the student passes out of college and enters the real world of business or administration or
marketing, knowing more practical and application oriented concepts is very important! Bottom-line :-
Ignoring either the curriculum or the application based learning are both dangerous! The better and the
most viable alternative is to collaborate both curriculum and application oriented concepts. A more
collaborative method of learning enables students have firm grip over both which helps them solve the
real world problems while also learning the basic fundamentals covered in their curriculum.

Collaborating both the methods of learning in the limited time of teaching is the biggest challenge to all
the college professors out there! There are many professors who are inspired by the application based
teachings and there are universities which are constantly working on how professors can amalgamate
two approaches of teaching to ensure that the students get the best knowledge and expertise to handle
real life issues! At IPS Academy, our professors are trained to coach students by imparting application
based learnings along with real life and practical examples. At our academy, more emphasis is laid on
imparting knowledge along with the practical applications on any concept that’s being taught.

Theory based learnings will only do a little help in real life corporate world and it requires any student
to be the master of a subject in order to shine high! And our professors know exactly what it takes to
make someone an expert at a subject – Application based learnings! That’s the motto of our college
teaching faculty and all the departments strive hard to ensure that both curriculum and conceit based
learnings through applications go hand in hand. Conducting plethora of science and math exhibitions
has been a critical part of our college. This enables our students bring out the best ideas into reality by
making prototypes and exhibiting them at our science or math exhibitions! A better future for a student
lies where knowledge meets creativity and innovation!

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