The Art of Imaginative Simplicity: Sharpening the Sword of Intellect

The Art of Imaginative Simplicity: Sharpening the Sword of Intellect

“In Character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The greatest authors of the world have always laid special emphasis on the greatest weapon that they use in their writings: Simplicity. They took a drive through their imagination and found words that were so simple and yet so powerful that when those words were compiled into simple sentences, they literally shaped the modern society as we know it today. This imaginative simplicity was an art that was known to the great minds like Shakespeare, Twain, Lincoln, Gandhi, Ford and entrepreneurs of that century who brought a wave of change in the business world by conceptualizing complex methods into simple ideas. They knew that the real art is transforming the simple into the extraordinary.

Today, we are at the peak of innovative developments and every step requires thinking out of the box. Some may also say to consider that there is no box. Every student thrives to drive their imagination in the direction of achieving maximum excellence and during this process they forget an essential step: to divide their complex tasks into simple pieces of achievable targets.

We here, at IPS Academy, ensure that our students have the capability to simplify their thoughts and present them to the world that is easily understandable and yet have the greatest amount of impact. We focus on providing our students the guidance that they require to sharpen the sword of intellect which will allow them to be well equipped on the practical world battleground.

Studies have shown that simplicity has a direct correlation with intellect. It is said that if you can describe the world in simple words that would make it more beautiful that it already is, then you’re a great artist. We provide a platform to our students to showcase their talents and in the process teach them to focus on the artistic integrity inside them. Education has taken leaps in the past few years and in order to cover every step, imagination needs to be exercised. Students have always had the ability to become better than their masters by diving in the pool of their imagination. Imagination runs wild and one should never try to tame it, for it is there to be free forever. Every student must learn to present their ideas that show the meaning in a simple way. Words used that are incomprehensible by anyone are no words at all.

Excellence can be achieved;
when one has the courage to tell complex things in a simple way,
when the free bird sings a songs that is understandable by every living being,
when the clouds say to the sea, “look up to me and everything will be fine”.

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