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Neat Thoughts on NEET JEE

NEET JEE exams have started and the state governments are sprucing up their efforts to ensure that the candidates have full support of maximized measures

As per NTA guidelines, the exams will be conducted thinking of the student benefits from all aspects of education, skills and their future

The ongoing tussle on conduct of JEE, NEET and final year/semester university examinations between several sections of the society, including political parties, civil society and courts, shall have to be put to rest with the focus on conduction and future effects. 


We are living in a globalised open world and unfortunately not a single Indian institute appears in the top global list. Even our esteemed IITs and IIMs do not figure in the coveted list. The need of the hour is to raise the level of our curriculum, teaching learning process, research and development and of course the entrance process. Diluting and postponing the entrance process will adversely impact our education sector. Granting a degree without conducting proper examination will put a question mark on the legal validity and sanctity of the degree. It will jeopardize the future of candidates holding such degrees as they may be denied entry in foreign universities and refused jobs in foreign companies. In the long run there can be a blanket ban on all Indians seeking foreign admission and jobs.

Further, all important activities such as business, political, sports etc have already returned to normal or expected to return to normal in near future. With amplified measures taken by educational institutes towards their health there is no harm in conducting these examinations which can be online/offline where social distancing and sanitization can be easily accomplished. Already during June-July 2020 many states have conducted 10th,12th board and university examinations successfully.

ION Digital Zone is conducting the exam keeping all the safety measures. Safety features being taken in the centre are:

  • Number of candidates has been halved to maintain physical distance.

  • Self sanitizing as well as center sanitization and alternate sitting arrangements.

  • Provision for masks for students writing the exams.

  • Isolation lab

  • Escorts in PPE kit for candidates with symptoms.

  • Operational planning for physical distancing.

  • Face Shields for all officials and staff involved in student management.

    When all the safety measures are taken, it is imperative that we look into ensuring that the young people are allowed to embrace their future with the assurance and certainty of moving ahead and embracing the education they dream of. Here’s wishing you all the best!

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