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Be a force to reckon with a great career in Physics

“Physics is about questioning, studying, probing nature. You probe, and, if you're lucky, you get strange clues”  Lene Hau

One survey in The Times suggested that Physics was in fact the most employable of all the subjects.

Physics is basically the study of laws of nature. Physics is a very demanding and challenging discipline of science. It is a core field of science and hence Physics can be combined with other disciplines to make it more fascinating like Astrophysics, Biophysics, Agro physics, Geophysics etc.  Physicists therefore research physical phenomena, formulate hypotheses, conduct experiments and draw conclusions from experimental data to explain the world around us. They can work in either applied or theoretical physics, based on their skill set and available career opportunities. 

Applied Physics which includes study of Nuclear Physics, Fibre optics, Laser Technology, Material Science, Nanoscience etc. requires experimental expertise, while theoretical physics requires expertise in Mathematics, quantum theory etc.. 

After graduation and post graduation in Physics several bright opportunities are there to excel in the career. These opportunities are very clear from the figure shown below.

The Department of Physics in IPS Academy has one of the best laboratories in India.   The Department designs, fabricates and develops innovative experiments in Physics, one of which was awarded prize in “National Competition of innovative experiments in Physics” organized by Indian Association of Physics.  The department is equipped with 14” Celestron Telescope to view the terrestrial events. On the particular terrestrial event this telescope is open for the general public. We also conduct training on telescope to students under the program “Khagolika”.

Apart from excellent teaching, the Department of Physics runs “Skill Development program” for the benefit of students.

With many application based efforts in the field of physics, The Department of Physics in IPS Academy is making waves in creating successful graduates who are prepared to become great professionals.

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