Fashion Technology



One can pursue career in the fields of boutique and custom training, fashion houses, films and television, stage shows, theater, practice under own label, merchandisers in international brands, fashion photographer, fashion journalists or jewellery designing. The average salary for a fashion designer ranges from 1 -10 lakhs. This is the field in which one gets to earn bread by doing what they love to do, this field along with glamour promises popularity  too, that’s why with the change of  the era this field is rapidly emerging as a stereotype-breaker as more  people are going towards this field.



  • B. Voc (Fashion Technology) (3 years affiliation DAVV, Indore, MP)
  • B. Design (Bachelor of Fashion Design) (4 years affiliation Raja Mansingh Tomar University)
  • Certificate Course in Fashion Design (1 year affiliation Raja Mansingh Tomar University)
  • P.G. Diploma in fashion design & Marketing (1 year duration affiliation DAVV)
  • U.G. Diploma in Fashion design (1 year duration under graduation)
  • Diploma in creative design (3 Month)
  • Diploma in Jewellery design (6 Month)
  • Model grooming workshop


All the courses are of 1 year and the admissions are done through  interview by the academy.

Contact Person

  1. Mrs. Poonam Vohra : 9926004161
  2. Office : 0731-4014512

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